Personal Info

  • Name: Alberto Miedes Garcés
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Age: 22
  • Address: Madrid
  • GitHub: amiedes
  • LinkedIn: amiedes


  • Software Developer - Populate Tools

    Since March 2017 I've been working at Populate Tools a small studio located in Madrid which builds tech tools related to data journalism and civic engagement.

    Technologies used: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Minitest, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, git, GitHub

  • Technical assistant - Medialab Prado

    During two weeks I gave technical assitance related to Ruby, Ruby on Rails and the consul platform to the group which was developing the consul - emapic integration during the Jornadas de Inteligencia Colectiva para la Democracia held in Medialab Prado during November 2016.

    I had the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary team of people coming from areas such as engineering, architecture and journalism.

Open Source contributions

  • consul

    Since September 2016 I've been a regular collaborator of the consul project, related to the web platform.

    My main contributions are focused (but not restricted) on the development of its API. This development is part of my final degree project as a computer engineer graduate. You can check the progress at:

    Technologies involved: Ruby, Rails, GraphQL, RSpec

Tech skills

  • Strong: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, git/GitHub, Minitest, RSpec, GraphQL, Unix/Linux, Computer networks (Linux), Markdown, SQL
  • Familiar: MongoDB, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C, C++


  • Computer Engineering (2012 - 2017) - Complutense University of Madrid
    • Average grade: 8.01 / 10.0
    • Honors qualifications: Object-oriented programming, Computer Networks, Embedded Systems, Distributed Systems, Algorithms and Data Structures

Courses and additional training

  • Digital Marketing
    • IAB Spain / Google
  • Engineering Software as a Service - Part I (MOOC, EdX)
    • University of California in Berkeley - Self paced, not verified
  • Big and Open Data. Analysis and programming with R
    • Escuela Complutense de Verano (ECV), 2015
  • Big Data, Transparency and Data Journalism
    • Escuela Complutense de Verano (ECV), 2015
  • Personal Communication Skills and Employability
    • Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI), 2014

Personal projects

  • EmtApi

    • EmtApi is a Ruby gem which acts as a wrapper around the Madrid EMT API, providing an easier and more ruby-like access to the information related to Madrid city urban buses.
    • Check in GitHub
    • Check in Rubygems

    • My personal webpage, made with Jekyll and GitHub pages
    • Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Jekyll, Markdown
    • Check in GitHub
  • PSD

    • Instant Messaging Service implemented with gSOAP
    • Language: C
    • Check in GitHub
  • book-store, consultorio-medico

    • A couple of exercises from the Data Structures and Algorithms course
    • Language: C++
    • Check in GitHub here and here.


Spanish Native - -
English B2 First Certificate in English (FCE) 2011
French B1 DELF B1 2010
German A1 Centro Superior de Idiomas Modernos (CSIM) 2014

Volunteer Service

Since 2010 I've taken part in a number of workcamps, both in Spain and abroad. Here I've helped in forestry and environment preservation tasks.

I've had the opportunity to put my english in practice and live together with people from all parts of the world and cultures, what has made of me a very open-minded person.

City Country Organization Type of work Year
Canfranc Spain Sargantana Environmental - Restoration 2010
Olba Spain Mijares Vivo Environmental - Restoration 2013
Adana Turkey GSM International Restoration 2014
Ehingen Germany IJGD Forestry - Environmental 2015
Hermeskeil Germany IJGD Forestry - Environmental 2016


  • Participant at the ImaginChallenge 2016 hackathon, held in Barcelona.
  • Participant at the 2016 euHackathon, held in Brussels.
  • Participant at the hackaTrips hackathon, held in Madrid. 2017
  • Participant at the Madrid Change hackathon, held in Madrid. 2017


  • Sports and hobbies: Crossfit, hiking, programming, music
  • Attendance to conferences and events: III, IV, y VI RITSI Conferences, Intel Software Summit 2013, IV Data Journalism Meeting (Madrid), several editions of Betabeers, CyberCamp 2014, several events in Medialab Prado, Campus Madrid and meetups in general.


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